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The courses offered by CODEESA are principally aimed at professionals in East and Southern Africa who wish to avail themselves of quality post-graduate level academic programmes that can be accessed online. They cover a range of different subjects and are offered in two forms: post-graduate diploma and masters’ level. Credits earned from post-graduate diploma programmes, in related fields, can be stacked and used in order to complete a masters’ level programme.


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Our Programmes

All the E-Learning Programmes are fully available online. Each programme has its own portal where students can find the required study guides, assignment workbooks, and video links related to their course.

Master of Business Administration

The main objective of this course is to prepare the executives and managers for top level and middle level management in public and private sector organization. The emphasis will therefore, be on developing a proper role perception of managerial level personnel in the local context by exposing them to a wide range of relevant areas, sufficiently in depth so that they may gain the confidence necessary to interact with people at all levels and develop managerial skills for translating polices into action effectively.

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Master of Education Administration & Planning

Educational administration professionals can also be found working in governmental agencies, private companies, and not-for-profit organizations. Those working in educational management might act as policy-makers, researchers, or consultants to help evaluate and develop ways to enrich and enhance the educational system at all levels.
The main objective of the Master of Education Administration & Planning programme is to prepare and equip graduates with ...

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Master of Public Administration

Public administration is the implementation of government policy and also an academic discipline that studies this implementation and prepares civil servants for working in the public service. As a field of inquiry with a diverse scope, its fundamental goal is to advance management and policies so that government can function.
The main objective of the MPA programme is to prepare and equip graduates with general training in areas related to public administration.

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Master of Development Studies

The main objective of the Masters of Arts, Development Studies, is to prepare and equip graduates with general training in development-related issues.
The educational aims of the programme are:
• Develop specialist in-depth understanding of development issues
• Provide students with a multi-disciplinary understanding of the changing trends in development thinking with an in depth knowledge of evolving theoretical, conceptual and policy debates

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Master of Counselling

The main objective of the programme is to prepare and equip graduates with general training in counseling and guidance theories and practices.
The educational aims of the programme are:
• To prepare and equip students with knowledge, skills and competence to the level where they can make a professional contribution to assisting others who are in need of counseling and guidance.
• To assist students to develop practical skills in the analysis of concepts and practices related to counseling and guidance.

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Master of Peace Building & Conflict Resolution

The main objective of the programme is to prepare and equip graduates with general training in understanding the causes of conflicts, from a continental and geo-political perspective, and who wish to pursue a career in this area.
The educational aims of the programme are:
• To prepare and equip students with knowledge, skills and competence to the level where they can make a professional contribution in the field of peace building and conflict resolution.

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Master of Public Health

• To create a pool of trained public health practitioners and researchers who can take up leadership positions in the state, country and region to implement contextually relevant public health programs and directed research.
• To foster a multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary approach to addressing the public health concerns of low and middle income economies through this capacity development initiative.
• To inculcate the sense of social accountability among universities, ...

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Post Graduate Diploma of Education

These programmes are open to candidates with a variety of background and experience in education. However, prospective candidates must satisfy the following minimum requirement:
• Must have at least a pass degree from a recognized university/higher learning institute.
Those completing a Post Graduate Diploma in Education, can enter the second year of the Master of Education Administration & Planning programme, if their overall average is 65% or above.

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Bachelor of Education (Arts)

Many of those in the teaching profession wish to deepen and broaden their understanding of education and how best they can improve their skills in imparting knowledge and values to their students.
The main objective of the Bachelor of Education (Arts) programme is to provide an opportunity for diploma holders in education, to develop the understanding of what education means, and how best to create schools that are centres of excellence.

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Digital Innovation and Skills Hub

DISH is an e-learning platform developed to provide access to youth and women to develop employment skills. Through DISH, online short certificate courses of 3 months are created and made available. The courses increase the employability of youth and women because they link to key emerging sectors in employment and contribute to stability, peace and resilience.

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