Master of Public Administration


Public administration is the implementation of government policy and also an academic discipline that studies this implementation and prepares civil servants for working in the public service. As a field of inquiry with a diverse scope, its fundamental goal is to advance management and policies so that government can function.
The main objective of the MPA programme is to prepare and equip graduates with general training in areas related to public administration.
The educational aims of the programme are:
• To prepare and equip students with knowledge, skills and competence to the level where they can make a professional contribution to the public sector.
• To assist students to develop practical skills in the analysis of concepts and practices related to public administration in contemporary Africa.
• To prepare students to undertake higher and professional roles in the public sector, thus enhancing their career opportunities and achieving self-development, as well as advancing their country.


The programme is open to candidates with a variety of background and interests in the public sector. However, prospective candidates must satisfy the following minimum requirements:
• Must have a first or second class honours from a recognized university/higher learning institute.
• Applicants holding a pass degree may be considered for admission, if: The GPA is not below 2.5; and have satisfied the SODEESA of their academic potential through GMAT, its equivalent or additional training at postgraduate diploma level and approved by the SODEESA Board.


The four semester programme consists of 12 module courses which each carry a weight of one topic; as well as a compulsory research paper which carries 6 units to make a total of 18 units to complete the programme.

MPA 7101 State, Society & Public Administration 1 10
MPA 7102 Administrative Law 1 10
MPA 7103 Public Policy Analysis 1 10
MPA 7104 Management & Leadership 1 10
MPA 7105 Project Planning & Management 1 10
MPA 7106 Public Expenditure Management 1 10
MPA 7207 Research Methodology 1 10
MPA 7208 Decentralization Theory & Practice 1 10
MPA 7209 Rural & Urban Planning & Management 1 10
MPA 7210 Disaster/Emergency Preparedness 1 10
MPA 7211 Sustainable Development & the Environment 1 10
MPA 7212 Human Resource Management & the Public Sector 1 10
Research Paper 6 60
Total 18 180